~Stareon's Hideout~

Update ☆ 3/26/19

Yíall donít know this, but today is my b-day, and I donít care, but I just happened to notice and said hey, maybe Iíll be generous and open this back up one more time, just because Galar Region kinda looks cool. So maybe we will make a new layout for that and open up a simple fansote when the new game comes out. No promises, but maybe. Iím hoping I can get surgery to get a few organs out (yeah, I know I say it so casually, lol) and maybe Iíll feel better a few months after that. But we will see. I appreciate the thoughts from friends. Even though Iíll always have to be fighting, I enjoy being able to escape and just be a normal person. I just want people to realize my absence is simply because my life is hectic, not because I am neglecting this site. Iíd much rather play around on a Pokťmon site than deal with chronic, incurable health issues, daily pain, cancer, burying loved ones, money worries, etc. and I have always loved this site and everyone who comes here. You all mean a lot to me. Thank you for your belief and support, even when Iíve goven you nothing back but a blank page with some text explaining my absence in life. Youíre the real star. ★ ♪



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