Just a quick reminder that this is the month we are going to be going live. The updated website will be much smaller, more streamlined, more Eon-themed but mixed with Pokemon and real-life. We want to bring our love of Pokemon through the years to you in the best way possible, and we don't want to rush it. We are also launching a social media site that will be directly connected to this website on Twitter. You can @ us on @StareonSays once the website goes live!

We appreciate how everyone has been so patient. We've had a lot of real life drama that's stopped us from working on the site, including several close and personal losses, the continual challenge of chronic health issues, kids, cancer, kidney stones, you name it! But, the great news is we are still hanging in here, and we as a family still want to be able to share our love of this fandom with you!

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield games for the Nintendo Switch are coming out this month on November 15th, and because of this we thought this month would be a great time to launch our new version of Stareon's Hideout. We have pre-ordered both games, and are eagerly awaiting both to give you our honest reviews ! Hopefully, the new game and new Pokemon designs will serve to help inspire new content on the website as well.

If you are reading this, check back again on the 15th! Hang in tight until then.


The Eon Family

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Updated On: November / 09 / 2019
Going Live This Month

New content & new Twitter

New Game Coming out the 15th!!

Hang tight!